CME Vision


CME Business Solutions main goal is to produce high quality, high definition and ultra high definition video for businesses and organizations at a reasonable price. We want you to be able to show off what you do best to others without breaking your budget.


Often times, smaller companies are simply unable to produce a commercial or a video resource to show people what they do because the cost to produce and edit a video was too expensive. We will help you produce a video package that will exceed your expectations and stay within a budget. 

Our process is simple. We will come to your location and sit down and talk about  your ideas and objectives.  We will put together a cost estimate and a storyline for the video at no cost to you. Once we proceed, we will shoot the video in our studio or at your location, or even a combination of both. 

We have years of production experience doing video production nation wide. We would love to talk with you today about how we can help your business grow!